BEA                                                                                          ROCKY                                                               DEZI LU, ROCKY, BEA
The Winners Circle!!
 The pictures below are of my Shih-tzu's ancestors, (Sires, Dam, Grandsires, Granddams). While I was not a part of their lives at the time, I want to thank the hard work and dedication of my mentors (Carol Page & Gail Page), and the talent of handler (Kathy Bilicich-Garcia). I hope I will have the same success in the winner circle as you did. Some of the shih-tzu shown in the pictures below I now own, and they live with me. While some only live in my Shih-tzu dog's, Beauty, intelligence, good Health and calm loving disposition.
 As the Showring and Preservation breeding is our priority, all of our Shih-tzu are from Champion stock, and health tested, with DNA tested.  *Preservation breeding is an attempt to preserve bloodlines of quality rare pedigrees within the breed.   
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